Love Limits

What Limits People From Finding Love

Woman AloneThe most limiting factor that prevents people from finding love is themselves. Past experiences teach us how we should act in a relationship. These experiences often keep us from being open to a new relationship and rejecting love before it has a chance to blossom.

There are two ways in which these experiences affect the probability of entering into a new relationship:


A bad relationship in the past can make people fearful of experiencing the same hurt and so they close themselves off to the possibility of entering into a new relationship. This can take place on a conscious or subconscious level where a person acts in a way that pushes potential relationships away.

It is important to identify whether you have had a bad experience and if it is impacting on your ability to enter into a new relationship. You will need to let go of the past experiences, but this is often easier said than done. Counseling may help you deal with your bad experiences and give you the tools to open your mind and your heart to the prospect of love.

You also need to realise that it may not be a previous intimate relationship that is causing fear. Bad parental, sibling or even friendly relationships can also impact your ability to allow love in. Your future relationships are all dependent on what you have experienced in the past, unless you find a new way to relate.

The Toxic Relationship

It is common for people who have been in a toxic or bad relationship to repeat the process over and over again. They leave one relationship, jump at the chance of starting anew and end up in exactly the same position that caused them to end the previous partnership.

People in these situations often think that they attract bad relationships and don’t realise that it is their own behavior that is the cause. Breaking the cycle is dependent upon becoming aware that you are the common denominator in repeated toxic relationships and that only you have the power to end the loop.

Being Just Friends

Rushing into a new relationship after a break up is a sure way to continue the cycle. Take some time to heal from the past hurt and to spend some time with yourself before you get to know someone new. Take it slow and let a friendship develop, even if your feelings for a person are more than just friendly.

First Date Confidence

How To Be Confident On Your First Date

Dating Couple Laughing

Do you have a hot date planned? Are you excited but not exactly confident or are you overly nervous? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then keep on reading. Many people suffer from self-confidence issues and even if you are very confident, you may find yourself with the jitters before a big date. This is especially true if you are extremely interested in the other person and they appear to be your dream guy or girl. However, don’t be afraid, there are many ways that you can increase your confidence and calm your anxiety so that you can make the best impression possible.

The first tip is that preparation beats anxiety. Most people are afraid of messing up, seeming foolish or saying the wrong thing on a date. This usually leads to increased anxiety which may cause you to make your fears a reality. Therefore, the best way to deal with this is to prepare yourself mentally for the date. It is best that you also go to a place that you’re familiar with and very comfortable in, so you can be more relaxed. If you are going to a restaurant, then make sure that you’ve been to that restaurant beforehand. Also, you should think about all the questions that your date may ask and mentally prepare for them.

Next, make sure to plan your outfit beforehand to make sure that it fits well and is comfortable while making you look great. You should wear the colors that make you look and feel your best as this will boost your self confidence.

In conclusion, being confident is all a state of mind, but there are many things you can do to boost that state of mind for the date. Once you prepare beforehand, I am positive that you will have an amazing date and have a great time.